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Below are a few dozen sound effects that are hard to categorize. Don't forget to try our search box -- type in the name of any sound you can think of!
Miscellaneous Sounds
ambiance bang beep blip bloop boing
bonk boop bubbling button buzz censor beep
chirp clang clank clap click clink
computer talk crack creak crunch cut ding
distorted Doppler drop electricity fall fanfare
feedback fizz flap glass breaking growl hiss
howl hum interference knock leak loose objects
low fidelity metal Morse code noise pop rattle
ring rip roar robot rubber rumble
rummage rustle scrape scratch shake box screech
shuffle sine wave sizzle skid snap snip
sparks splash splat spring square wave squeak
squeal squish static steam stone swing
tap tear thud thump tick tink
tone warble whine whoosh wood